For the town - for the people

Launch of the Elmshorn Initiative

The Elmshorn Initiative was launched in 1991 by entrepreneurs and individuals who live and work in the town on the banks of the Krückau. Since its launch, the initiative has been committed to improving the image and public perception of the town of Elmshorn. Renowned entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals have joined the Elmshorn Initiative and are now helping to shape the town’s image.

Principles of the Elmshorn Initiative

Cultural, social and sporting activities are being initiated to help make the town on the banks of the Krückau more exciting. The aim is to make the town more attractive and to strengthen its profile both inwardly and outwardly. The members of the initiative are committed to these principles.

Regional policy

The Elmshorn Initiative takes a critical look at numerous issues relating to the development of Elmshorn as a place to work and live. The economic interests of our central region are being pooled and positioned with administrative and political institutions - with and without public attention.